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This seaside city, about 28 kilometers north of Casablanca, is fronted by some fine beaches and can be used as a more relaxed alternative to staying in Casablanca. Although home to Morocco’s second largest port and related industries, Mohammedia has plenty of laid-back charm.

The petite medina district is a delight to wander through, while the New Town area is attractively laid out, with grand, palm-tree-lined boulevards.

Most visitors, though, are here for the beach. During summer weekends, when half of Casablanca seems to have decamped here for the day, the cafés and restaurants bustle and the sand thrums with activity.

Morocco Tour from Casablanca to Azemmour/ El Jadida

When tourist boards started promoting Morocco’s Atlantic coastline, they somehow left little Azemmour off the list.

But this village, 88 kilometers south of Casablanca, has a history stretching back to Punic times, and a wonderful handful of sites showcase that long tenure.

The adobe-built ramparts encircling the small medina area are Azemmour’s main historic attractions, and they connect to the kasbah (fortress), which dates from the 16th century. This is a great place for aimless strolling. It’s also possible to walk atop the ramparts at some points.

Azemmour’s beach (a couple of kilometers out of town itself) is also one of the best along the Atlantic coast, and is a well-kept secret. Indeed, half of Azemmour’s charm lies in the fact that nobody else seems to stop off here.

El Jadida UNESCO listed citadelle

El Jadida, 102 kilometers south of Casablanca, is home to a sea-facing, UNESCO-listed 16th-century fortress (Cite Portugaise), which is well worth stopping off to explore on any journey heading south down the coast.

You can scramble up onto the ramparts for excellent sea views and then wander through the lanes where various sections of the fortress have been preserved. In the northeastern corner is the fortress prison, which was later converted into El Jadida’s synagogue.

Make sure to visit the atmospheric cisterns, in the center of the fortress, which were used as a filming location in the famous Orson Welles’ movie Othello.

Morocco Tour from Casablanca to Oualidia/ Safi 

This charming seaside village, about 182 kilometers south of Casablanca, has a chilled-out vibe that’s perfect if you’re worn out after visiting Morocco’s bustling cities. The Saadian-era Kasbah (fortress) is reason enough for a trip here, but for most visitors, Oualidia is all about seafood dining and the sweep of beach that runs along the lagoon.

During summer, Oualidia bustles with day-trippers and weekenders from Casablanca taking a break from city life.

Oualidia is a favorite stop for foodie travelers wanting to sample seafood – local restaurants serve it up pulled fresh from the sea that day.


About 237 kilometers south of Casablanca, Safi has been an important port since Roman times, but it was the Almohade rulers who surrounded the city with grand ramparts and made it an intellectual and spiritual center.

The Portuguese occupied the city in 1508 and added to the architecture by building the stately Dar el Bahar Fortress on the shoreline which is now the town’s most recognizable monument.

If you’re heading down the coast to Essaouira, this is a worthwhile stop-off to break up the journey and explore the fortress and the town’s medina district.

Safi is also Morocco’s most famous ceramic center, and you’ll find plenty of shops and stalls selling pottery throughout the town.

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